Curve conveyors

Procurve conveyors are designed according to the HACCP guidelines and include a stainless steel construction and hygienic design. Our curved belts are equipped with a nickel-plated side bow chain which guarantees a slip-free and low-maintenance belt run. The bearing-mounted blade transfers ensure that the gaps between the curved belt and the rest of the conveyor line connect seamlessly. 
As a result, the acquisition of the product runs smoothly and while maintaining orientation. 

Available options: 
  • Belt scraper with collection tray 
  • Automatic lubrication system 
  • Static knife edge radius 4 mm 
  • Bi-directional running direction 
  • Electric control
Due to the thin and flexible cloth belt, this conveyor belt can be used in the following applications: bakeries, the chocolate / confectionery industry, the cheese industry and for transporting other small products.