VGI Group

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This is what Van Geel Industrie (VGI) stands for! For more than 30 years we have been offering capacity in stainless steel production and solutions in product handling systems with our companies.

VGI-Willems is a partner in stainless steel machine construction; makes, assembles and tests systems for large machine builders (OEMs). With our modern machinery and approximately 100 professionals, we produce and build machines and systems that are supplied by our customers to the global food processing industry. Customer focus and investing in modern production techniques are central to continue to provide the customer with the best solution.

VGI-Promatec offers complete solutions in logistics and product handling systems. With an experienced group of engineers, we are engaged in the design, manufacture and commissioning of machines and lines, which are mainly used in the primary processing, processing and packaging of foodstuffs.


The start
In 1990 Johan Willems starts his own metal company called Willems Machinebouw. At that time a supplier for OEM companies mainly in the packaging industry. In 1997 Marco van Geel joined this company as a manager. In the same year, Marco and Johan decided to only supply stainless steel materials.

Promatec B.V.
A year later, Marco starts a new company in project engineering, Promatec BV, through which Johan and Marco can offer the complete package, from engineering to manufacturing. Johan Willems suddenly passed away in 2001 and Marco took over the Willems Machinebouw company completely. From that moment, the growth is substantial and the package is further expanded with assembly activities. In 2006 the neighboring building is bought and the company grows to a business area of ​​4000 m2. Marco continues to invest in production techniques; laser cutting, edging and surface techniques; blasting and pickling, specifically for stainless steel.

The growth continues
Because the assembly share is constantly increasing, there is the need for even more space. The solution is found in renting a hall on the same industrial site, but now at four different locations. Marco realizes that this is not a tenable situation for a long time and must look for a structural solution. This is found in a new building on the Kempisch Bedrijven Park (KBP) in Hapert. A new company structure has been set up for this. Van Geel Industrie (VGI) owns the real estate and the operating companies and offers accommodation to VGI-Willems Machinebouw and VGI-Promatec.

Completion of new construction
The new building was completed in 2019. There is now more than 10,000 m2 of business space available and it forms a good basis for continuity, further growth and a fun and healthy workplace for our people!