• PROMATEC - Product handling & machinebouw

We are VGI-Promatec. We support OEMs in the development of machines.
We do this by using our many years of knowledge and experience in the
field of product handling. Partly because of this, we always find a suitable
answer to questions regarding your product. This can be in the
development phase, but also during the creation of your machine.
n everything we do, the emphasis is on creating together. We do this with
our customers, but also with the other companies within the VGI group.

In addition to developing new machines, we offer our customers the
opportunity to use systems or products that we have already developed.
After all, we have built up a diverse and efficient product range over the years.
Products that underline the unprecedented possibilities of VGI-Promatec even more.

VGI-Promatec ! Product handling